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Internationally famed for his paintings, sculptures, and graphics, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was long intrigued by ceramics. After seeing the works of the Madoura potters at a crafts fair in 1946, he asked Georges and Suzanne Ramie, owners of the studio, to provide him with the opportunity to work with ceramics. The workshop system they established--where the artist is paired with highly trained assistants to produce finished works--was a familiar one to Picasso who had similar experiences working in printmaking and sculpture workshops. For the next 25 years, he closely collaborated with Madoura, producing his own thrown pieces as well as the edition ceramics seen in this exhibit. Picasso's involvement in the edition ceramics varied by piece. He sometimes made the clay molds used for the designs, at other times he painted plates or pitchers that subsequently served as models for the editions. Picasso and Madoura's artisans then finished the prototypes and the editions were produced for a total of 633 different plates, bowls, vases and pitchers in limited editions ranging from 25 to 500.

Picasso's venture into ceramics had a profound impact on him, enlarging his field of invention, stimulating his imagination, and enriching his painting, sculpture and graphic output in the post-war period. He was, however, much criticized at the time. Most art critics viewed these works as a lesser art, not worthy of a great artist. In bringing his vast talent and experience to bear, Picasso created ceramic works of unprecedented spontaneity and charm.  They are now highly sought after and collected worldwide. 
The exhibition was curated by Gerald Nordland, noted author and independent curator, and former Director of the San Francisco Art Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Wight Gallery, UCLA.  Landau Traveling Exhibitions of Los Angeles, CA, organized the exhibition and national museum tour.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 - JANUARY 15, 2014
PICASSO: 25 Years of Edition Ceramics from the Rosenbaum Collection will be on view through January 15, 2014. It includes a selection of the ceramics created by Pablo Picasso in collaboration with Georges and Suzanne Ramie and the artisans at their Madoura pottery in Vallauris, France, between 1947 and 1971.The exhibition consists of 46 ceramic works--plates, bowls, pitchers, vases, and plaques in addition to posters and other memorabilia.  It is premiering at the Carnegie as the first stop on a national tour. In addition to Prime Shine Car Wash and Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., we owe a special thanks to the Gemperle Family Farms.  Our gratitude is extended as well to Winton Ireland Strom & Green, Turlock Convention and Visitors Bureau, John and Jeani Ferrari Family Foundation, Deborah Kavasch and John Marvin, Jaureguy's Paint & Decorating, Lancaster Painting, and The Modesto Bee.

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Picasso, Goats Head in Profile, 1952
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